How to Avail Bike Transport Service Pune to kolkata?

Do you own a bike and do you wish to take it with you anywhere you want? Now if you are a resident of Pune and you are going somewhere else for a temporary or permanent period, then you can definitely avail bike transport services Pune to Kolkata. If you are planning to stay in Kolkata for any occasion or shift to Kolkata permanently then you can avail these services. Now if you are not so tech savvy then you must be wondering how to avail these kinds of services. If that is the case then we can help you by giving direction in full detail about how to avail our services with ease.

How to proceed?

  • In order to get our Bike Transport Service Pune to kolkata, all you need to do first is to log on to the official website of the service provider where you will be getting a number of instructions to hit upon. In that website you will be getting all the fundamental details of the service and there it you can read what it is all about.
  • After you log on to the website you have to let know the category of bike yours one falls into so it is easy for them to calculate about the space issue. Then again you need to register yourself before you can order your booking. The registration needs to be done so that if you need to order your booking more than once you do not have to give your details repeatedly to obtain Bike Transport Service Pune to kolkata. You do not have to be anxious regarding the confidentiality of the details as because we know how to keep your privacy. Also you will not be pestered by unwanted emails or calls so you can rest assured and give us your full details.
  • After you have given the details, you need to give the exact location where the bike is to be sent. Be very sure to give the address correctly because you will obviously not like your bike to be placed before some other person’s place. When you are giving the address does not forget to give the pin code of that place so that it becomes easier to locate the place.
  • Thereafter you have to mention the date when you want the job to be done. Supposing you have to leave by 14th of March mention the date as 13th so that even if it is late you do not have to worry much. Be sure that it takes  just three to four working days to get your bike delivered right at the spot.
  • Take care of the payment option first- You can pay by both cash and cheque. All types of cards are acceptable and the best way to pay is by online banking. With the help of this, you can pay us in any way that suits you the best. Not only that, you can even pay to the person after you get back your bike in the perfect condition.